Q: What is Winroute?
Winroute is a piece of software that lets you share a single internet connection with multiple machines via a LAN.

Q: How does Winroute work?
A: It uses Network Address Translation or NAT for short. Winroute Pro also has proxy and other services. <See Winroute>

Q: Are there other products like Winroute?
A: Yes there are many. Here are a few:
Note: <NAT1000> has been aquired by Bill

Q: How much does Winroute cost?
A: See link <Purchase>

Q: Are there cracks available for Winroute?
A: I have been informed by reliable sources that most cracks do not work after the 30 days even though they disable the message. Rumours of Reg Codes are abundant. How ever this product is worth every penny.

Q: What games have you tested? And what was the performance like? (Modem only playable with one person)
A: <Performance>

Q: I have Cable / ISDN / DirectPC. Will Winroute work with those?
A: Yes See Links Dial-Up or ISDN xDSL or LAN,T1 DirecPC

Q: I want to run a Half-Life server on the same box as Winroute, why does the WAN link come up or HLDS.EXE seems to hang?
A: HLDS.EXE is trying to register with the WON Master Servers. Get the Latest version of Half-Life and run with +set sv_lan 1

Q: Ok I setup the HL Server but I want people on the internet to be able to play as well?
A: Make a port mapping in Winroute to the IP of the LAN card HLDS.EXE is bound to.

Q: What is Half-Life?
A: Currently the best Single player FPS ever created.

Q: And Team Fortress Classic (TFC)?
A: Probably the best team play game though Tribes could be argued.

Q: Umm What about Quake 1 / 2 / 3A?
A: Where have you been? They Rock Deathmatch