I decided to Learn ANSI/ISO "C" and OpenGL, and what better a way than to create a very simple Multiplayer Elite. I am using LCC-Win32 from Jacob Navia under Windows 2000 and Win98. Here is a screen shot showing the Adder docking with the Coriolis space station:

Tech Demo Screen shot

I am using the GLUT library so the code should be extremly portable. I plan to make the game Client - Server based (you can always run the server on the same machine as the client) over TCP/IP.

As you may or may not know there are quite a few Elite projects going on, so I don't plan to compete with them. I am making a very simple version, using the orginal ships and stats. This should mean you will see very quick development, but don't expect to be too impressed.
Naturally this will be Open-Source, once it gets to a working version.

Here is a tech demo elite.zip [ftp] (69Kb)

Please feel free to email me comments.

Dan "Tanis" Bodart

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