Daniel Bodart

96 Arodene Road, Brixton Hill, London, SW2 2BH.
Tel: 020 8674 8886 Mobile: 07887 891178 email: dan@bodar.com

Career Objective

To gain in-depth knowledge and large scale commercial experience of Spectra, Java and .NET. Working for a company that is passionate about technology and how to deliver it.

Programming Goals


Further development in the Microsoft training programme toward MCSD and ColdFusion certification would be of interest.


Windows 2000 WBEM Application

Building a web based monitoring and management system for Windows 2000 / NT4 and legacy SNMP devices (Unix's & Cisco Pix's). Heavy use of the Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI), Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) and secure (SSH) XML data transmission to enable an enterprise class web based management system.

Windows Scripting files were used on Windows based machines, and Perl scripts on the Unix machines. XSLT was used to convert the XML data into HTML files for displaying.


An online B2B information reseller, Ingineum will sell over 5000 company profiles to the Information Technology market. Due to the size of the starting data and its potential growth, Delphis is developing a robust and extensible database driven system.

In order to achieve this we are employing various techniques including ColdFusion caching and SQL cursors. Using previously developed application frameworks, both time and cost are being saved.

Sponsorship Manager

Benfield Sports International is one of Delphis' biggest clients with over half a million pounds invested in their new sponsorship management system. BSI first client, Castrol use the internal only sponsorship management system from over 30 countries world wide and also provide a royalty free site to the media where articles on the latest Castrol sponsored events can be seen.

The system was designed from the ground up to be as modular as possible, so as BSI attract more clients, Delphis will be able to deliver a corporate branded version with little modification.This is now using the Delphis CMS / Publishing tool

Delphis Publishing Tool / Content Management System

Delphis looked at various content management systems for their own internet / intranet. After my assessment of Vignette, Spectra and ArsDigita, Delphis decided to implement a less costly proprietary publishing tool / CMS. Various strategies were used to increase server performance including client side data sorting (WDDX), advanced hierarchical methods removing all dependency on expensive recursive SQL statements and strict HTML / CSS usage.


Delphis were looking to expand their web-based portfolio and their accountants, Lathams Group were in need of a web site, I was given sole responsibility for the entire project. The brief specified that the client should be able to modify and updated all parts of the site with minimal HTML knowledge. The site also uses some advanced features of excel for the custom business valuation models.


Netengines is a B2B company offering a leading-edge e-commerce platform for workforce management and procurement services. Delphis developed a CD-ROM based prototype that enabled Netengines to get financial backing. The CD-ROM simulated a database driven web site by using client-side scripting and other DHTML methods.