02/02/01 Added my CV

Uploaded 3 versions: HTML, PDF and Word 2000

24/6/2000 Less is More

Changed the site a bit.

10/3/2000 Slight Change

Decided to have my own BBS system useing UltimateBB, as I have cgi access on my server. Time to learn some cgi/perl scripts! So untill I get my own Database backended web server, Philip Greenspun's excellent ArsDigita will have to wait.

7/3/2000 New Comments and Q&A Forums

Thanks to Philip Greenspun of photo.net, I now have some fully fledged database forums for this site. See top right for the Q&A Forum and the Elite and Mouse pages for the comments forum.

2/3/2000 OpenGL Elite Project

Decided to finally learn to program in "C" and get some 3D/OpenGL/TCP/IP concepts under my belt at the same time. What better a way to do this than to create a simple multiplayer Elite.

20/2/2000 Mouse

Just installed Windows 2000, want to tweak your Mouse Sample Rate?
Then waste no more time.

I have also been getting quite a few emails from people who still seem to be having trouble with HL and winroute. TinySoftware actually have the instructions on their web site that I made (though I really don't see how this will help as HL has changed it's PORT syntax). This does seem to be more of a problem with Winroute Lite (which I don't use) so your lucky may vary.

2/7/99 FAQ on Winroute

Finally got round to updating my site. Will be adding more graphics soon but I wanted to get the FAQ up before my bro killed me. I will update the Games Performance page as I have been getting better connections lately. Also if you play HL / TFC you MUST check out CounterStrike as this is MUCH better than Rainbox SIX, DeltaForce and Action HL.

12/2/99 (Update - This is no longer needed with HL

The good news is that I finally sorted out how to play quake2 style games via my proxy (winroute). This has actually only been tested with half-life but as I used planetquake's console commands for quake2 so I am sure it will work with quake2 and sin.